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Hector // 24 // Californian // Trilingual // Future Polyglot, Psychologist, non-Californian

Kishi Bashi - Manchester (Performed in American Sign Language)

"Imagina que legal você poder ir pra um lugar onde ninguém te conhece. Você pode inventar uma personalidade nova se você quiser." "Ué, você não gosta da sua personalidade?" "Gosto. Mas o problema não sou eu.”

"Imagine going to a place where no one knows you. You can even create a new personality if you want to." "Don’t you like your personality?” I do. But I’m not the problem.

The way he looks (2014) | Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho (2014)

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i think ive been spiraling in a depression. 

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It’s like my life, but better. Too scared to call my insurance provider for a local psychologist, but I have to sooner than later. Still scared! >.<”

Anonymous said:u remind me of a tolkien elf


send me to middle-earth so I can live somewhere surrounded by trees and animals and not people

The sound of “not people” makes me wish I lived in Middle Earth. Can this be a thing? (I’ve also never seen/read Tolkien)


I got a haircut today. Besides the freedom I now feel, I’m also noticing just how burned I got Thursday while in San Diego. :| Why me?! D:

Billy Reid - Serfs Are On Their Way



I see you bryankonietzko.

Ha! I didn’t actually come up with this. Mike, Tim, Josh, and Katie named it after me and my propensity for raw vegan smoothies. I’ll have to try this particular recipe, though I will likely throw a banana or two in there.

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