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Hector // 24 // Californian // Trilingual // Future Polyglot, Psychologist, non-Californian

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It’s official, I’m now an AGS permanent member. Just saw it on my transcripts. YEAH! I also just enrolled for summer courses. I question keeping the Art 106 course because I don’t really need it, unless I plan on transferring to Davis or Berkley, and I’m kind of dead-set on Humboldt. I honestly hope that I can get into the stats and research methods in psych classes [both online] at Coastline because I’d be done and wouldn’t have to go to campus at all, thus I’d be able to petition to graduate in the fall. The likelihood of that is low as I first need to submit my final grades to them, they have to approve them, THEN I register once all that jazz is done, which means not until the end of the semester.


Dylan O’Brien @ WonderCon 2014 ©

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I’m sorry but if this song doesn’t unleash your inner hip action we’re not friends

I don’t think you guys understand this song is the most played on my iTunes and whenever I play it in the house my dad groans and tells me to shut it off

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